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    My Favorite Fabric

    My Favorite Fabric: Linen

    To subscribe to my blog, click here! So…I wrote out this blog post before I actually looked up the featured shirt. Turns out, it’s not linen and is actually a crinkly cotton. Major face palm, eye roll, self criticism moment. So, I refer to this as a linen shirt even though it’s not linen (it looked linen to me!). The link to it is here. But, whether linen or crinkly cotton, this shirt is a great wardrobe staple for the warm weather! So without further ado, here is my blog post on my “favorite fabric!” I’ve noticed linen popping up a lot more in fashion. Shirts, pants, skirts, etc.. and…

  • midi dresses for spring and summer

    Midi Dresses for Spring and Summer

    To subscribe to my blog, click here! What’s one trend new trend that I absolutely love? Midi dresses! Initially I was iffy about them because they can give off a peasant/amish/1940’s housewife look, but now that they’re coming out in…

  • giving a speech with a stutter

    Giving a Speech with a Stutter

    Hello friends! It’s been a minute. My sister just got married, (woot woot! Congratulations sis!) and the wedding was crazy! Exciting, stressful, emotional…all the feels! I was basically running around like a chicken with it’s head cut off before and…

  • jean skirt oufits

    Jean Skirt Outfits

    To subscribe to my blog, click here! Hi there! Welcome back to my blog. Today’s post is about styling a jean skirt. Jean skirts are a great spring and summer staple. I say that as if I’ve always owned one,…

  • how to stop using filler words

    How To Stop Using Filler Words

    To subscribe to my blog, click here! This post is for everybody, whether you stutter or not. Do you have a habit of saying “um”, “like”, and “ah” too much? I sometimes say those words to avoid stuttering, and other…