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    The Professional Series: Stuttering During Interviews

    Stuttering in an interview

    Howdy friends! I’m introducing the first part of a three part professional series on stuttering – stuttering during interviews, with colleagues, and with clients. In each series I’ll address the three trickiest components of stuttering – advertising, open stuttering, and saying everything you want to say – in that particular setting. This is by no means an expert guide, just my personal opinions based on experience! Interviews are a tricky situation for everyone, but if you stutter, they can be a double whammy. I used to struggle so much with interviews because I put a lot of pressure on myself to sound “perfect”. To me, perfect used to mean complete…

  • 5 Ways to Stay Active during Winter

    5 Ways to Stay Active During Winter

    To subscribe to my blog, click here! Whether you’re trying to motivate yourself to stick with a new fitness resolution, or struggle with being active during cold weather in general (winter blues is definitely a thing!), then this post is…

  • Stutter

    Stuttering in the Media

    I’m writing this post to change some common misconceptions about stuttering in the media. Since stuttering doesn’t get a lot of media exposure, the limited amount it does get can create some misconstrued facts. Emily Blunt, a famous actress who…

  • Style

    Winter White

    Ah, the good old white-jeans-during-winter debate…some love ’em, some hate ’em, and some have never tried ’em before. I actually never owned a pair of white jeans until two years ago because I am notorious for spilling food all over…