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    How To Stop Using Filler Words

    how to stop using filler words

    To subscribe to my blog, click here! This post is for everybody, whether you stutter or not. Do you have a habit of saying “um”, “like”, and “ah” too much? I sometimes say those words to avoid stuttering, and other times am simply having a brain fart and use them until the word I want to say pops in my head. And other times, I just say them out of habit! Well in the post, I’ll introduce some tips for cutting back on filler words and how to completely eliminate them from your vocabulary! I’m no expert, but I have spent many years trying to improve my communication skills –…

  • Madewell demi boot jeans

    Demi Boot Jeans

    To subscribe to my blog, click here! This post is dedicated to these gorgeous demi boot jeans by Madewell! I absolutely LOVE these jeans. I’ve been a jeans girl forever (usually skinny jeans), but was itching to get back into…

  • 12 weeks of yoga for beginners

    12 Weeks of Yoga

    To subscribe to my blog, click here! Namaste friends! (sorry, couldn’t resist). Last month concluded the 12 week yoga program I participated in, so I thought I’d do a little recap of the class! I had done yoga briefly in…

  • A weekend guide to Charleston, South Carolina

    A Weekend Guide to Charleston, SC

    To subscribe to my blog, click here! Oh, how I wish I could be back in Charleston as I write this post. Sitting on the porch with a cup of Charleston breakfast tea and a biscuit from Callies…ugh! So good!…

  • Madewell Wide Leg Pants

    Madewell Wide Leg Pants

    Happy spring! I am SO happy we can officially say it’s spring time. I love spring weather (even if we are only graced with it for a short period here in Maryland) because it’s the most comfortable season to be…